Debra Sansing Woods

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Itís Okay to Take a NAP

A celebration of motherhood, It's Okay to Take a Nap illustrates the joys, struggles, and triumphs of being a mother. With reminders to moms of simple reassuring truths--like nd how you are a queen, not a maid and how your love matters more than you know--this book will strengthen and empower women while at the same time assuring them that their sacrifices to be a mother have not gone unnoticed. Simply and beautifully written, this book is a wonderful gift for any mother.

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Debra Woods wrote Itís Okay to Take a Nap to honor you as a mother and to encourage you to be kind to yourself as you go about the important and sacred work of raising your precious children. She filled its pages with reassuring truths for mothers everywhere-- everything from "You Donít Have To Do It All Today, or Tomorrow for That Matter" to "Your Love Matters More Than You Know." In her characteristically warm and down-to-earth style Debra uses stories and experiences taken from her own life to write about the upsides and other sides of being a mom.

Be assured, you will find no guilt-trips in Itís Okay to Take a Nap. Rather, you will find a place to meet with another mother to share a few good laughs, perhaps some tears, but more than anything, the truth that being a mom can be the best.

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